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Ep.102 – Talking Scandinavia and Resilience with Anna Blackwell Between The Mountains Adventure Podcast

Take the 7 question survey about you: https://linktr.ee/BetweenTheMountains  Read the full blog: https://betweenthemountains.org/2021/05/14/talking-scandinavia-and-resilience-with-anna-blackwell/    Anna Blackwell is an adventurer with a special place in her heart for the north of Scandinavia. With multiple trekking and hiking trips to the region under her belt plus more – such as kayaking across Europe from London to the Black Sea – Anna has a huge adventure CV, which we dive into in more depth within the interview.  The episode discusses the pull of adventure, kayaking across Europe, getting on with your travel partner, her love for Scandinavia, lessons learned from adventuring solo in nature, adventure vs. escapism, resilience, and so much more.  Most recently, Anna has just released her short film 'Refuge'. It is a beautifully shot film captured during her most recent trip to Sweden accompanied by some heart-warming words on wild places. You can watch this at the bottom of the blog.  Anna Blackwell Be sure to follow Anna's adventures on her Instagram (@annablackwell) and on her website too. You can also watch her stunning film on the full blog page.  ————————————- If you enjoy the show please: Subscribe/follow so that you don’t miss another episode; Share with a friend; and Leave a rating on iTunes. If you really really enjoy the show then Consider becoming a Patron of the show on Patreon here; Simply buy me a coffee; or Get yourself or someone else some official merchandise. All of the above helps the podcast to grow as much as possible! You can get in touch with me on btmtravelpod@gmail.com or using any of the Social Media links: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / BTM Facebook Group here.
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Talking Scandinavia and Resilience with Anna Blackwell

Anna Blackwell talks about adventure, Scandinavia, escapism, resilience, and lessons learned from the wild

A Life of Alaskan Adventure with Luc Mehl

Luc Mehl talks about his life of adventure so far, from traversing the three highest mountains on North America, acceptable risk and being buries in an avalanche, Alaskan Wildnerness Classics, and more

What You Need to Know for Denali and Alaska

As we discuss challenges that could come up on the Road To Denali Project, Luc Mehl gives us an overview on Alaskan big mountain adventures and how to prepare for them.


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