Roadtrip To The Swiss Alps


Sometimes, you just need to get away. You need to escape to free your headspace and start lifting the fog in front of your eyes.

For Episode 1 I thought I would discuss my very own “Episode 1” and the moment I was bitten by the travel bug. I was doing just exactly as I stated above: escaping.

It was a fairly difficult time of my life. Quite heavy for someone of my age and level of life-experience. I was working in a 50+ hour a week job, never had any weekends, with 4 days annual leave remaining.

I was thinking of escaping to Greece and sitting by a pool for a week, just like most of my childhood holidays. But, I had this car (pictured above). My colleague suggested I do a roadtrip in it, to which I promised I’d look into it. As soon as I did, I was hooked.

I researched all the best driving roads, all of the best locations and routes. Google Maps was my friend and each night after work and my personal life could pause I planned a day of my trip.

Since I got back, nothing has been the same. Or maybe, ‘Same Same But Different’.

My First Podcast – My First Roadtrip

This is my first travel podcast and it is just myself talking. The podcast typically jumps from interviews, to recommendations, to people’s itineraries.

So, excuse my shaky or quiet voice, and I hope I don’t lose you as I tell you all the details of what would become my first of many roadtrips.

The Roadtrip – To Switzerland And Back!

As you’ll hear in the podcast, the first thing I recommend you do is sleep 8 hours per night! Or, simply shorten your drives each day and take more days off/travel less.

This trip was just under a week and took me from Dover-Geneva, Geneva-Bern (featuring the Furka Pass drive!), Bern-Amsterdam and Amsterdam-Dover.

I also seemed to have some nice luck on my side. The night I arrived in Geneva was the day before their National Day. Which meant that the following night in Bern I was able to go our and enjoy the night with strangers, celebrating into the early hours of the morning.

Although driving from Bern to Amsterdam in a day was long, I couldn’t recommend a trip like this highly enough to you all.

Google Map Itinerary:

  • Day 1: Dover>Geneva
  • Day 2: Geneva>Bern>Furka Pass>St Gothards Pass>San Bernadino Pass (didn’t have time for this)>Bern
  • Day 3: Bern>Bad Peterstal-Griesbach>Nationalparkzentrum Ruhestein>Baden-Baden>Amsterdam (long drive, this was the day I went for lunch with a friend instead
  • Day 4: Amsterdam>Calais>Dover

I want to listen, now!

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