Exploring Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city right on the Spanish coast. Attracting thousands of tourists every year, there is a multitude of reasons for visiting from football to museums to the surrounding landscape.

Hear and read more below in how Anthony and his friend explored this city from top to bottom!

The Perfect 8 Night Itinerary

Whether you’re interrailing, stopping by on a conference or backpacking your way across Europe, Barcelona has to be a stop off for you to stop and explore.

Anthony talks through his itinerary in detail and the city exceeded his expectations.

Kicking off the trip, Anthony escaped the streets initially and went to Montserrat, a monastery and vineyard for wine tasting. From here, he goes on to explore La Sagrada Familia and just how stunning this architecture.

The rest of the podcast explores pricing, tips, football, Spanish Cider (you’ve got to hear how they pour this!), Gaudi and more!

A Condensed Version Of The Podcast

What Antony remarks about Gaudi is just how unique his work is. He discusses how it’s easy to become complacent with what you have at home in your country, so do to experience something so different is a pleasure, albeit it very busy!

Anthony also got time to himself to experience the culture and quirky museums, as his friend rented a bicycle to do a 140km cycle route in the area.

Barcelona… City Of Pickpockets?

One thing Barcelona is – unfortunately – known for is pickpocketing. Anthony, however, had few problems and so we decided to get a video together providing some of our tips:

One Of My First YouTube Videos. We Discuss Tips To Avoid Pickpocketing

I want to listen, now!

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My First Podcast!

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