Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hear Andrew recount his time trekking the Manaslu Circuit. Hiking the Himalayas, taking beautiful photos, and spotting a rare animal…

Ski Mountaineering in the Lyngen Alps with TJ David

Hear TJ recount one of his favourite ski mountaineering trips in the Lyngen Alps Norway

The South Pole, Ultra Running, The 7 Summits, and More with Jenny Wordsworth

Hear Jenny Wordsworth talk about her solo and unassisted expedition to the South Polo, mountaineering, and ultra running from the Arctic to the Desert.

Mind Over Mountains With Alex Staniforth

Hear Alex Staniforth talk about his adventure background, and his charity Mind Over Mountains.

Will Copestake Talks Scottish Highlands, Patagonia, And More

Hear Will Copestake talk about Scottish Highlands, Patagonia, Iceland, Norway, and his adventure career so far:

BASE Jumping And Travelling The World With Tim Howell

Jump in to this podcast to hear about Tim Howell and his mountaineering and BASE Jumping career.

Exploring The Highlands With Atlas Mountaineering – 5 Must-Do Adventures

Atlas Mountaineering break-down 5 must-do adventures in the Scottish Highlands, from ice-climbing and skiing, to hiking and rock climbing.

5 Must-Do Adventures On Oahu, Hawaii

Hear Dustin from That Adventure Life tell you some must-do adventures on Oahu, Hawaii

Exploring Ecuador

Hear Stumble Safari talk about her veterinary volunteer work and backpacking in Ecuador – from nature islands to bridge jumping

Investigating Glaciers In The Karakoram – The Karakoram Anomaly Project

The Karakoram Anomaly Project was a much needed and eye-opening expedition to Pakistan’s Karakoram. Hear from mountaineer photographer Tim Taylor how they research the glacier’s movement and growth, and made a first ascent attempt on Yukshin Gardan Sar

5 Must-Do Adventures In The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are an outdoor haven for hiking, mountain, travel photographers, and nature enthusiasts. Hear about day hikes, backpacking, and ridges in the Canadian Rockies that you must-do!

Unconditional Acceptance and Climbing Mountains with Caroline George

Caroline George is an incredibly accomplished expedition leader and mountain climber. Hear how Caroline George balances life, adapts, and climbs mountains

Backpacking Across Vietnam

Vietnam backpacking. Travel With Cooky North to South itinerary. Hanoi, Hai Van Pass, Ho Chi Minh City, Halong Bay. Vietnam podcast on what to do and top things in Vietnam

Trekking A Christmas Tree To Trolltunga

Have you ever had a crazy vision that just seemed perhaps too funny to actually do, or you never get round to doing it? Covering the house in Christmas lights? Hiking a mountain in a onesie? How about trekking a Christmas tree 13km into the Norwegian mountains for a photo that you have envisioned. Well,Continue reading “Trekking A Christmas Tree To Trolltunga”

Climbing Aconcagua Solo

The Roof Of The Western Hemisphere Aconcagua reaches 6,962m into the sky. Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the Western hemisphere, and on the bucket list for many. For Alex, it was on his too. While in Argentina, he took the opportunity to head out and climb this peak. The episode includes brilliant information onContinue reading “Climbing Aconcagua Solo”

Exploring Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a gem of the Pacific Northwest Region. Scattered with mountains, forests and wildlife, hear Melissa’s anecdotes and information on Olympic National Park. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa!