Welcome to Between The Mountains. I’m Chris; the host.

I love adventure travel. Having multiple seeds sown throughout my life, I was finally bitten – officially – by the travel bug in 2017 when doing a solo roadtrip to the Swiss Alps and back. I talk about this in Episode 1.

As a Father and outdoor enthusiast, I have a passion for and experience with getting outdoors and travelling, with my own weakness being ‘summit fever’. I love the mountains, there’s just something different compared to all other landscapes that draws me back each time.

It is my goal to deliver brilliant anecdotes, advice and adventure through itineraries and interviews on the podcast. I take such enjoyment from this, and no matter how big we build Between The Mountains to be, podcasts will always remain at the core of this.

To top it off, I’ve also announced my project ‘The Road To Denali’, which you can check out here.

Contact me here to work with me, and send a connection here to start a working relationship with more longevity!

Renee Roaming

“Chris asked well-researched questions and was overall the best interview host I have experienced to date. He is very professional and provides engaging content for his listeners.” Renee Hahnel, Travel Photographer And Blogger, Episode 40

TJ David

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be on a few podcasts and Between the Mountains has to be one of my favourites. Chris truly took the time to research my travel and career history, and that was evident through a great line of questioning that not only touched on some of my career highlights but gotContinue reading “TJ David”

Wolters World

“One of the most fun podcasts I’ve ever been a guest on.” Mark Wolter, Travel YouTuber and Marketer, Episode 52

Miss Rover

“Talking to Chris was like talking to a friend over beers. I really appreciated the time Chris spent researching to develop relevant and meaningful questions! Would love to chat again!” Melissa Miller, Occupational Therapist, Travel Blogger, And Social Marketer, Episode 37

Will Copestake

“Of all the podcasts I’ve done, Chris’ interview was without doubt the most well researched I’ve ever enjoyed taking part in. A few times he brought up a few parts of my past that I’d honestly forgotten about, he even researched some of my family history. The effort Chris puts in to prepare really showsContinue reading “Will Copestake”

Outdoorlife Norway

“Being interviewed about our passion – guiding in the Norwegian outdoors – was a true joy with Chris. He is enthusiastic and professional. He made us feel comfortable with engaging in something new to us – producing a podcast. The final result inspired us as much as Chris, and will hopefully inspire more listeners outContinue reading “Outdoorlife Norway”

Holly Budge

“It was a pleasure being interviewed by Chris on his podcast. His passion for adventure and his dedication to producing a great podcast shone through.” Holly Budge, first woman to skydive above Everest, mountaineer, adventurer, and conservationist. From Episode 85

Graham Zimmerman

“I have found working with Mr. Kilworth to be excellent, he is curious, kind, informed, and professional. I would highly recommend him.” Graham Zimmerman, Mountain Climber And Climate Activist, Episode 45

Jon Gupta

“The interview was fun, relaxed and well researched. Chris has a genuine interest and love for the mountains that made the whole podcast run really well – he does his best to get the best out of you” Jon Gupta, High-Altitude Mountain Climber And CEO Of Mountain Expeditions, Episode 21

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