Interviews are a big part of what I love doing. I strive to ask deeper, researched questions – alongside some more light hearted conversation.

Take a look through the catalogue here, or search a particular topic/individual if you want to take a deep dive on these fascinating and entertaining people.

Some Testimonials:

Renee Roaming

“Chris asked well-researched questions and was overall the best interview host I have experienced to date. He is very professional and provides engaging content for his listeners.” Renee Hahnel, Travel Photographer And Blogger, Episode 40

Will Copestake

“Of all the podcasts I’ve done, Chris’ interview was without doubt the most well researched I’ve ever enjoyed taking part in. A few times he brought up a few parts of my past that I’d honestly forgotten about, he even researched some of my family history. The effort Chris puts in to prepare really shows in his questions, which were completely original and really made me think reflectively on how to answer them, all balanced with good humour like talking to a friend at the bar. I seriously look forward to recording the next one.” Will Copestake, Expedition Leader, EpisodeContinue reading “Will Copestake”

Miss Rover

“Talking to Chris was like talking to a friend over beers. I really appreciated the time Chris spent researching to develop relevant and meaningful questions! Would love to chat again!” Melissa Miller, Occupational Therapist, Travel Blogger, And Social Marketer, Episode 37

Balancing Passions and Professions With @MyNamesNiki

The Unanswered Question How do you balance your passions with your profession… which may also be a passion of yours? Seeing Niki’s updates and life as a medical student mixed with rock climbing caught my attention. Realising that there was more to this situation than the sport itself, we decided to do take a dive…

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Lotta Hintsa Talks Mountains, Endurance, Mindset and More

An Inspirational And Eclectic Background Lotta is a truly inspirational woman who you certainly can’t place into one category – and for good reason. Lotta has a masters degree in economics and volunteers. Having recently completed a 24 hour endurance challenge and returned from Lofoten, Lotta sat down for an interview with us to talk…

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Wolters World Talks Travel Tips, Culture, and More

Mark talks about his travel history and experience and gives top travel tips for the locations that you voted for in the community. Mark is a marketing professor but more importantly, a travel genius. His main platform is YouTube where he provides honest, realistic, and engaging reviews and tips of different locations from do’s and…

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Emily Thomas Talks Alaska, Grand Tours and More

In today’s episode we welcome Emily Thomas to the podcast.  For those who don’t know Emily is Associate Professor in Philosophy at Durham University. Alongside working in the Netherlands and and writing on metaphysics, Emily has a book called the Meaning Of Travel, now released. After reading just the start of the book, I knew…

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