Skydiving Everest, Himalayan Mountaineering, and More with Holly Budge

Holly Budge is an incredible adventurer with a CV spanning the globe. Holly was the first person to skydive above Everest, she has ridden and raced semi-wild horses across Mongolia, and taken to mountaineering from the crevasses of Mount Rainier to the North Col of Mount Everest.

Some of her most important work, though, is the conservation effort that Holly puts in to save elephants. 96 elephants are poached each day, and Holly’s work alongside rangers with non-gory exhibitions is helping to reduce that number.

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Exploring Fjords and Racing Icebergs in Patagonia

Patagonia is a region covering Chile and Argentina at the bottom of South America. Littered with mountains, fjords, glaciers, lakes, and more Will Copestake returns for a second episode. This time talking about his expeditions in Patagonia. Kayaking along the coastline, exploring the fjords, and camping next to glaciers, Will takes us talks with us about ending each season of guiding in the area with an expedition.

Will seems to have an action packed or funny story behind every comment in this episode, displaying the depths of experience found here. With Type 2 fun written all over this, give it a listen with the links below.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek

Nepal has been a honeypot for adventurers alike. From those wanting to explore culture, to the mountains, to the summits, I think everyone can agree just how majestic this place is.

In this episode, Andrew talks through the itinerary for his Manaslu Circuit Trek. Trekking through forests, past waterfalls, viewing 8000 metre peaks, and a rare animal… I’ll let you find out which!

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Ski Mountaineering in the Lyngen Alps with TJ David

TJ David is, on paper, a professional skier and trail runner. In real life he is even more than that! Talking about quite possibly his favourite ski mountaineering expedition, hear TJ talk about his time in the Lyngen Alps, Norway taking in the breath-taking mountains reaching straight out of the fjords!

Hitting some popular and some untouched slopes, and finishing the day with beer in a small hut in the snow, TJ dives in to this expedition and will absolutely captivate you as you instinctively start booking your next ski trip!

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The South Pole, Ultra Running, The 7 Summits, and More with Jenny Wordsworth

Jenny Wordsworth is a dedicated, focussed, and tenacious outdoor athlete, who’s most well known accomplishment was becoming the 8th woman to solo ski and reach the South Pole after 44 days. After the first five hundred miles, she continued to do this and complete this task while have a massively debilitating leg injury.

She is a lawyer, professional endurance athlete, keynote speaker, brand ambassador for Atkins, on North Face explorer’s team, and a Polar Ambassador to the UK. Jenny has travelled and raced some of the toughest and longest races endurance events in the world from the arctic to the desert. From this, she has built a huge backing to her name.

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Mind Over Mountains With Alex Staniforth

Alex Staniforth found that running, walking, and cycling to the highest point in each UK county was faster than the waiting time to receive any mental health support from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). It’s not that there’s nothing, but rather that the NHS is overwhelmed with so many needing support.

It was at this point that Alex started Mind Over Mountains charity – his very own Natural Health Service supporting those in need, and bringing them together as a community.

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Will Copestake Talks Scottish Highlands, Patagonia, And More

Will has cycled between all 282 Munros and climbed them, solo-circumnavigated the Scottish coastline by sea kayak, completed the Coldest Corbett Challenge, and regularly completes expeditions in Patagonia.

Will’s first adventure, though, starts at 12 years old. After a fantastic outdoor upbringing in North West Scotland, during the peak of Ray Mears’ influence, Will was ‘cast-away’ by his parents with a few friends overnight. From there, Will has gone on to complete expeditions in Patagonia, Scotland, Iceland, across Europe, and New Zealand.

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BASE Jumping And Travelling The World With Tim Howell

Tim Howell has one of the most adrenaline filled histories from all of our interviews. Tim has wildlife guided in Africa, and then went on to join the Royal Marines. It was here as a Commando, that he developed his mental and physical robustness. He became Mountain Leader and has gone on to achieve so much more. Using this love and passion for the mountains and climbing, Tim did his first BASE jump in France, 2013.

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Exploring The Highlands With Atlas Mountaineering – 5 Must-Do Adventures

The Scottish Highlands are just truly breath-taking. After my recent trip there, I left just knowing I had to do an episode on this… but with someone who knows the highlands a hell of a lot better than I!

That’s where Atlas Mountaineering comes in. Connor, who runs the company, knows the highlands so well. We got together to chat about 5 Must Do adventures in the Highlands.

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5 Must-Do Adventures On Oahu, Hawaii

Do you ever feel like you’ve been to a place when in reality you haven’t? Driven the streets, seen the people, relaxed on those beaches. Well, unless you played Test Drive (a free-roam video game based on the island) then Dustin’s description and clear love for Hawaii will certainly be scratching your travel itch in no time!

Dustin from That Adventure Life joins us again for his second of three episodes on Hawaii. This time: O’ahu

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A Podcast Update

Hello, welcome to Between The Mountains Adventure Podcast

That’s right, we are now an ‘adventure’ podcast. The tiny decision to change from ‘travel’ to ‘adventure’ came from just looking at the natural path that this podcast has taken. The 5 must-do adventures, the interviews, the expeditions. They are all so fun to record and are going down a treat with you all!

If you’re an avid listener of the podcast, you’re probably expecting an episode today! But, I’m just here to announce that we are moving to a 1 per week schedule. Doing 2 per week has been fantastic, but moving to 1 per week means I can really focus on the quality for all of you and maximising the time that it’s released.

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Exploring Ecuador

Stacia, from Stumble Safari, was in Ecuador for a month, and in her own words “it was not nearly enough time”. There is so much to do there, and she takes us through the highlights of her trip – from volunteering veterinary work to bridge jumping, and everything in between.

What was paramount in our discussion before recording was just how much there is to do in Ecuador. Hear the episode to find out more.

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Kayaking In The Grand Canyon

Sleeping under the stars every night, paddling through multiple rapids a day and taking in the Grand Canyon through out. Doesn’t sound bad does it?

Peter joins us talk about his 14 day adventure paddling through this National Park.

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Investigating Glaciers In The Karakoram – The Karakoram Anomaly Project

If you started your career as a photographer, would you ever imagine you would find yourself in the Pakistani Karakoram, photographing glaciers, projects and mountain climbing? This episode brings together some of your main interests: mountains, glaciers, science, and expeditions.

Hear how Tim and the team lived in isolation on the glacier for 2.5 months, measuring the glacier’s movement, and making a first climb attempt on Yukshin Gardan Sar (7530m).

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5 Must-Do Adventures In The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are one of the gems of the world. Covered in beautiful mountains, alpine lakes, glaciers, and forests this region of the world attracts most of the outdoor community.

Having covered The Dolomites beforehand, Marta from In A Faraway Land joins us to talk through some must-do adventures in the Canadian Rockies.

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Exploring Sri Lanka

Cory and Lianne spent some incredible time on a full 30 day visa in Sri Lanka. They explored the island and had some fantastic experiences on the island. Such a pleasure to have them on!

In the middle of a long trip, with Nepal and India being a main focus, they decided to take a slower paced trip to Sri Lanka.

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Unconditional Acceptance and Climbing Mountains with Caroline George

Interviewing people is one of my greatest pleasure. One thing about it, is that no matter how much I do or don’t research, each individual can answer so uniquely. Something that kept recurring in this interview with Caroline George was the topic of ‘adaptability’ and how useful a tool it is for getting through expeditions, climbing mountains, and life.

Competing in the Ice Climbing World Cup and also a member of the International Federation Of Mountain Guides Association, Caroline has climbed some of the toughest routes across the world. Places from Norway, to Iceland, to the Canadian Rockies, to Alberta, to the Alps and to Antarctica and so much more. Coming from a small ski village in the Swiss Alps and now an established climber, guide, and athlete, Caroline’s experience comes in vast amounts from ski mountaineering to rock and ice climbing.

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Backpacking Across Vietnam

Ryan’s travel knowledge and experience far exceeds my own. Running the Travel With Cooky blog, he returns to the show to talk about his time and itinerary in Vietnam.

We discuss Hanoi, Halong Bay, the Hai Van Pass, Ho Chi Minh City and more! Don’t forget to click the links to read more directly on Travel With Cooky.

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Exploring Costa Rica

Have you ever heard of a work-cation? Well, Francois and his partner have. Working remotely, they spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica doing a huge range of activities. White water rafting, zip-line, wildlife, a range of National Parks, kayaking, surfing, hiking… hear about it all here!

Listen on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa!

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Trekking A Christmas Tree To Trolltunga

Have you ever had a crazy vision that just seemed perhaps too funny to actually do, or you never get round to doing it?

Covering the house in Christmas lights? Hiking a mountain in a onesie? How about trekking a Christmas tree 13km into the Norwegian mountains for a photo that you have envisioned.

Well, Falke did just that.

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