Climbing Aconcagua Solo

The Roof Of The Western Hemisphere

Aconcagua reaches 6,962m into the sky. Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the Western hemisphere, and on the bucket list for many. For Alex, it was on his too. While in Argentina, he took the opportunity to head out and climb this peak. The episode includes brilliant information on permits, location, gear, and also on some smaller hikes before climbing the big one itself.

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Exploring Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a gem of the Pacific Northwest Region. Scattered with mountains, forests and wildlife, hear Melissa’s anecdotes and information on Olympic National Park.

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Balancing Passions and Professions With @MyNamesNiki

The Unanswered Question

How do you balance your passions with your profession… which may also be a passion of yours? Seeing Niki’s updates and life as a medical student mixed with rock climbing caught my attention. Realising that there was more to this situation than the sport itself, we decided to do take a dive in to Niki’s background.

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Lotta Hintsa Talks Mountains, Endurance, Mindset and More

An Inspirational And Eclectic Background

Lotta is a truly inspirational woman who you certainly can’t place into one category – and for good reason. Lotta has a masters degree in economics and volunteers. Having recently completed a 24 hour endurance challenge and returned from Lofoten, Lotta sat down for an interview with us to talk about mountains and more.

In 2013 she was crowned Miss Finland and while continuing with modelling and entertainment work is now a mountaineer having scaled mountains such as G2, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Broad Peak, West Spanish Peak, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua… and despite all of these and more her Mum still calls it hiking!

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5 Must-Do Via Ferrata and Hikes In The Dolomites

The Dolomites

A lot of people’s first view of the Dolomites might be that classic over the shoulder shot, over and along rising grass plain to a 3 peak mountain stood in front. Marta’s was too, and from there she dedicated time to explore the region.

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Backpacking In Budapest

Beautiful Budapest

Budapest has been a on my list for a long time now. It seems to be a haven for travellers young and old. Interrailing through Europe, cruising the River Danube or even just there for a stag do.

Budapest has so much to offer though, so last year I booked my trip with my friend to go. A year later, this may well need to be delayed.

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Tim Taylor Talks Mindset, Expeditions, and Photography

Tim Taylor; Photographer and Mountaineer

As someone who places photography before adventure, Tim has explored beneath the ocean as a dive master in Mexico all the way to some of the tallest points on Earth in the Himalayas.

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Exploring Lakes In The Italian Alps

Hiking For Lakes And Blogging It All

Hiking the Italian Alps to visit as many lakes as you can is, for some people, a dream hobby! Today, we welcome Andrijana from Two Alps Girls on the show who gets to do this in her spare time, all of the time!

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Re-Writing The 7 Summits World Record

In this exciting episode, we sit down with Jon Gupta. Jon facilitated Steve Plain’s 7 Summits World Record, completing 6 of the summits alongside Steve. 

In this podcast, Jon details the brilliant months long expedition spanning all 7 continents. He tells stories from behind the scenes, in-between climbs,

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Ski Mountaineering Across Patagonia

Grab your snacks and strap in for an epic adventure in Patagonia. In this episode, TJ goes over his epic and adventurous time ski mountaineering across Patagonia.  

Living out of a van, dodgy interactions with mafia-types, epic slopes, perfect conditions, and not-so-perfect conditions are all to hear in this captivating episode with TJ. 

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Wolters World Talks Travel Tips, Culture, and More

Mark talks about his travel history and experience and gives top travel tips for the locations that you voted for in the community.

Mark is a marketing professor but more importantly, a travel genius. His main platform is YouTube where he provides honest, realistic, and engaging reviews and tips of different locations from do’s and don’t’s to culture shocks.

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A Weekend At Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park – and the mountain itself for that matter – cover the internet with its wonderful scenery and that huge Mount Rainier dominating every shot.

Melissa – otherwise known as Miss Rover – comes on the show to tell us about her time and a recommended itinerary at Mount Rainier National Park.

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5 Must-Do Adventures On Big Island, Hawaii

As a 50th episode special, I invite Dustin from That Adventure Life back on to the show to chat about one of his favourite places: Hawaii 

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Expedition In The High Sierras

Lucy Shepherd comes back for her final of three parts to the show. We talk about exploring the High Sierras, dodging avalanches, rationing food, and literally getting lost in the mountains.  

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Climbing In The Pakistani Karakoram

Graham’s dream to climb in the Pakistani Karakoram starts as a kid. After reading about it and seeing the incredible photos, it captured his attention immediately. But, perhaps like a lot of people’s dreams sadly, he thought it may never be achievable to climb there.

Fast forward to 2020, Graham joins the podcast to talk about his career and climbing experience in the Karakoram. Through hard-work and drive, he has now taken part in multiple expeditions there, experiencing the fantastic community and brilliant mountains first hand.

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