Jon Gupta

“The interview was fun, relaxed and well researched. Chris has a genuine interest and love for the mountains that made the whole podcast run really well – he does his best to get the best out of you”

Jon Gupta, High-Altitude Mountain Climber And CEO Of Mountain Expeditions, Episode 21

Graham Zimmerman

“I have found working with Mr. Kilworth to be excellent, he is curious, kind, informed, and professional. I would highly recommend him.”

Graham Zimmerman, Mountain Climber And Climate Activist, Episode 45

Outdoorlife Norway

“Being interviewed about our passion – guiding in the Norwegian outdoors – was a true joy with Chris. He is enthusiastic and professional. He made us feel comfortable with engaging in something new to us – producing a podcast. The final result inspired us as much as Chris, and will hopefully inspire more listeners out there to pursue new outdoor adventures.”

Johannes Apon, CEO Of OutdoorLife Norway, Episodes 24 And 25

TJ David

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be on a few podcasts and Between the Mountains has to be one of my favourites. Chris truly took the time to research my travel and career history, and that was evident through a great line of questioning that not only touched on some of my career highlights but got into the WHY behind my travel and adventures. Chris’ podcast is polished, it’s well edited and the sound quality is superb. I appreciated every aspect of the process and being involved in his epic series.”

TJ David, Professional Skier And Coach, Episode 26